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Oct.26-2011@U.N. One more question from Momma Kaz to you all,
No lights to read by, no roof to sleep under,
no drinking water,
no street lamps to light the way.
We didn't even know what the flash was,
or what we could do with...well, nothing.
What would you do?
What would you think about?

Oct.26-2011@U.N. Towards the end of the day, my family, my neighbors, everyone was at a loss. And then the wind started to blow from the sea to the mountains.

It started raining black rain.
I was wearing some cargo pants and a white blouse at the time, and the rain made black polka-dot patterns on my blouse.

"This isn't happening, this isn't happening. But it is happening!!" is the thought that echoed in my mind.

Because of the sheer magnitude of the tragedy, it took a while for qualified estimates on the death toll to come out. It's said that within a few years of the A-bombing, more than 200,000 lives were lost. But it's hard to imagine 200,000 people.
The Dodger Stadium of Los Angeles seats 57,500. Try to imagine the silence of several stadiums' worth of emptiness. That's right which was in this also as
for 23 soldiers of the U.S. Forces which came for air strikes by B29, descended with the parachute, and had become a prisoner of war.

Larger atomic bombs have been built and detonated, the largest of which were more than 100 times the yield of the bomb detonated over Hiroshima.
The destructive potential of the armaments built by mankind defy imagination.

In October of that year, enough electricity was restored to the city's
power grid to power one light bulb in our home. It was also when scientists the world over claimed that the soil of Hiroshima would be barren for 70 years.
"Life! We too can live!" My father explained out of the blue. He had been lying on a board on the floor when he spotted grass growing through a gap in the floorboards. That may have been the first true smile we cracked since the bombing.
But, like the black polka dots on my blouse, our fear and uncertainty would not go away.