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  Question #3:
After the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima the Americans made sure the bomb was effective. The effect of the A-bomb was surely enough to force Japan to surrender. So the question arises, why did the Americans drop a second nuclear weapon in Nagasaki?


Oct.26-2011@U.N. Grandma doesn’t understand the complicated politics. I am thankful for both the country of Japan that raised me and the country of America where I was born. I love them both and can not chose which was wrong.

Unfortunately back then, the creators of the Atomic bombs and those who were directly involved in the war, everybody believed their actions were for the benefit of their loved ones and their homeland.

But, what if you all had two different types of paper airplanes? What would you do?

From here I ask that you, the young future think about your decision.


Nov.19th.2011, Kodomono Ie

【Work Consulted】
・Magazine published in America 40 years after the war ended.
NEWSWEEK July 29, 1985.
(Can be viewed at a public library in the archives)

・A film created by American film-makers “Out line of Atomic Bomb”
(This film can be found in the video sections at the public libraries. Note: For visuals of war time Japanese citizens please use these cites below.)

・Website with photographs of “monpe” and other citizen’s clothing.

Website with information on the A-bomb in Hiroshima.

Website with information on the A-bomb in Nagasaki

Maruki Museon of Arts- Mr. and Mrs. Maruki’s museum website

A regular to hospitals Mrs.Kazu comments “My body is fatigued now.”
Referring to his cataract Mrs.Kazu laughs and remarks “I can’t afford to ride a luxurious car like a Cadillac but I'm glad at least the name of my eye disease is Cataract.”
Her humor and bright character brings happiness to the people surrounding hers.

The English translations were done by Ms.Miki Okamoto and Ken Sakamoto. Thank you for your support.